Peter McDonagh – Artist and Photographer



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About Me

I am an Artist and Photographer.
I paint in protest against environmental destruction and social disintegration. Art should speak!
As a social documentary Photographer, I record people and places on the north east Yorkshire coast.

My Art

My art draws on social, political and environmental issues – in short, our relationship with our home called Earth and each other.
I seek to convey my view of the world and not to simply depict it as others might wish us to see it. Through my use of colour, brushstrokes and symbolism, my paintings offer an alternative and symbolic view of the world, conveying my anxieties, frustrations and concerns at our symbiotic relationship with nature and our destructive relationships with each other.
I want my art to open peoples’ eyes to the destruction caused by our desire to control and exploit our environment and each other. In doing so, I offer it as an antidote to mass media/political propaganda and invite viewers to reconsider their beliefs and realities. We have to learn to live with both nature and our neighbours.

My Photography

I work in both digital and film formats. I have exhibited in solo and group shows and I have previous paid commercial experience of fashion and catalogue shoots.
Much of my work now reflects an interest in capturing how people live, relax and survive, particularly, on the north east Yorkshire coast. My main area of interest, therefore, is in documenting the lives of ordinary people. Inevitably, this leans towards a social focus on the poor and disadvantaged in our society.