The Beginning

My journey began before the beginning.

My career as an artist started at an early age.  While other children were learning long division, I was creating artwork for the school walls.  Often, it was at my own instigation, but increasingly, teachers would invite me to produce a new piece and induce me with the offer of missing Maths or some such subject.  Praise nurtured my talent and the creative space I was afforded allowed me to be productive.

Teenage lethargy and hormones followed.  When required to produce drawings for my final year exhibition at senior school, I submitted drawings done five years previously whilst at primary school.  The teacher never knew.

I left school and went to work.  It was the start of a long and lucrative career.  The security it afforded and the rewards it offered conspired to prevent me from pursuing my real passion.  The news that my second child was due and the financial demands this entailed put paid to a short foray on a Fine Art degree course.

The dining table became my infrequent studio.  I learnt to paint quickly with acrylics but my real love was in using oils.  Oil painting, however, required as much preparation and clearing up time as actual painting time.  She was a difficult and demanding lover.

My creativity frustrated, I flirted with another.  Photography became my new flame.  A two year Level 5 HNC in Photography revealed, to my surprise, that I was good at what I thought I was not good at.  Scenic shots were always an interest, but my real gift, as it transpired, was in photographing people.  My social conscience and interest in politics and current affairs drew me to social documentary photography.

My career and location, however, were still proving to be barriers to creative fulfilment.  Having sacrificed over thirty years to a nagging spouse, it was time for a divorce.

Relocation to North Yorkshire ensued and roots were put down in Scarborough.  Time to scratch that thirty year itch.

I immersed myself in the business planning process. I had taken the first step.  It was the beginning.

Author: ptmcdonagh8

Artist, Photographer, Socialist, Republican and Rebel. Protester against environmental destruction, corporate greed and social disintegration. Realistic reproduction is talent but true art is about opening peoples' eyes so that they can truly see.

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