The Last To See

The Last To See

Continuing the theme of outrage at our continued interference with nature as we seek to exploit its resources and control its riches, this expressionist painting is a window on an apocalyptic reality in Indonesia.
Corporate giants destroy the earth in their pursuit of a healthier bottom line.  It is criminal!  I wrote something to accompany the painting as a release for my anger…

The Last to See – Ode to Palm Oil
If I should die
Who’d weep but I
For I’m the last to see
A shroud above my head burns high
Where once green canopy
Invest, progress
Mammon the cry!
Earth raped by corporate thieves
Trees felled upon the land they lie
And in their place green wreathes.
By Peter McDonagh

Nestle and PepsiCo are evil immoral corporate giants who are destroying our planet in pursuit of profit. My current work can perhaps be described as Expressionist environmental art. I think of it as protest art.
Art should speak.

Author: ptmcdonagh8

Artist, Photographer, Socialist, Republican and Rebel. Protester against environmental destruction, corporate greed and social disintegration. Realistic reproduction is talent but true art is about opening peoples' eyes so that they can truly see.

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