While Petals Furl Under Evening Dew

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I have always loved being outdoors and close to nature. Despite my predominant interest in photographing people, my interest in capturing nature and the seasons has never waned.

While Petals Furl Under Evening Dew

Crystals of ice from frozen frosted breath,
Embrace the pallid flowers budding forth;
Heathers reach for heaven from frozen heath,
Curled in cold caress bleak blown from the north;
Blossoming blooms of crisp efflorescence,
Reach out to embrace a motherly sun,
And share the sweet scent of their fresh fragrance,
Before creeping shade commits the day done;
Then flushed palette paints a glazed rosy hue,
While petals furl under evening dew,
Till dawn whistles a choral performance.

by Peter McDonagh

Author: ptmcdonagh8

Artist, Photographer, Socialist, Republican and Rebel. Protester against environmental destruction, corporate greed and social disintegration. Realistic reproduction is talent but true art is about opening peoples' eyes so that they can truly see.

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